Summary® work demonstrates in real-time the performance of air conditioning units and the improvement that the Enercoat® Treatment Service provides. Since our founding in 2009, we have refined the tools we use to define just how much capacity was lost, the cost it represented to our clients and the efficiencies gained after treatment.

$4M Cost Savings

To date, our projections indicate that the Enercoat® Treatment Service is responsible for:

Cost Savings $4,000,000
Energy Savings 20,000,000 kWh
CO2 Avoided 12,980,000 Lbs
Gasoline Equivalent 1,579,803 Gallons

The tools to measure and verify our hypothesis that corrosion along with fouling are a major factor in energy inefficiency and the development of more greenhouse gases track the following metrics:

  • Energy Use
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Green House Gas Emissions
  • Your total savings
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The Data

Performance has been tested in many field projects in the Tri-State Area by third-party engineers according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol – Option B – ECM. Applying the® coating on condenser coils of air-cooled systems can effectively restore a unit’s efficiency to original performance. Further loss in efficiency from heat transfer surface deterioration can be averted, reducing energy bills and the cost of repairing and replacing equipment.

Engineered to ensure quality performance, these coatings have been proven to nearly double the energy efficiency ratio of air-cooled cooling equipment per Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) testing protocols.

Calibrated sensors are installed directly on the air conditioning units at the beginning of each of our jobs. This enables us to establish a baseline performance from which we can then calculate the energy efficiency gains once your coils have been refurbished and protected from corrosion with Enercoat®.

The Results® offers all of our clients a customized, Cloud-based Energy Performance Dashboard that enables them to track their energy efficiency gains in real time. By establishing a baseline reading prior to the restoration of the condenser coils and the treatment of the fins with Enercoat®, we are able to document the real impact provided by our service, translating the results into:

  • Total A/C cost
  • Cumulative savings
  • Cumulative usage
  • Environmental impact
  • Energy saved
  • Energy consumed
  • Greenhouse gas emissions averted

We follow the procedures set out by the IPMVP® Option B – ECM isolation protocol in order to ensure that the measures that we make are accurate and correspond to the highest level of numeric integrity, from the application of the sensors to the platform used to deliver the results in real-time.

Case Studies – Verified Results

To gather our data we employ Remote Monitoring Equipment and install calibrated sensors directly on a/c units at the beginning of every job. This enables us to establish a baseline performance from which we calculate the energy efficiency gains once your coils have been refurbished and protected from corrosion with Enercoat®.

Hear from our clients

We value a collaborative relationship with our customers, empowering them to become educated consumers. Here is some insight from our clients who have achieved a significant savings in their energy consumption and costs.

Our company has been providing software enabled M&V solutions for energy efficiency technology companies for many years now, and I've seen an enormous amount of "before" and "after" data from energy efficiency projects. As®'s M&V partner, I can say that® treatments consistently produce strong improvements in efficiency and savings for their clients' facilities.
Connell McGill Co-Founder/CEO, Enertiv® treated two of the oldest and worst performing units we had - and the results were remarkable. They allowed us to defer having to replace the units for three and a half years.® proved to be a no fuss, low cost solution to our very serious problem.
Brendan Farrell Resident Manager, Tribeca Tower (Related Companies)
With we saved ourselves about $120,000 in capital expense by treating instead of replacing the coils and saw reduction in energy consumption of 16.7%.
Luke McGovern Property Manager (Weissman Properties)

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