How much does the Enercoat Treatment Service cost?

Rule of thumb: 5% of the replacement cost and between $100 and $200 per Ton, depending on the size of the project and the condition of the coils.

Can produce energy savings estimates before submitting proposals? has developed a sophisticated Energy Savings Projection (ESP) model with the help of Viridian to assess the impact of the Enercoat® Treatment Service on any air-cooled a/c unit. It estimates with reliable degree of accuracy annual savings, CO2 reduction, kWh reduction, and peak kW reduction. This allows for simple payback calculation. conducts a site survey and gathers the necessary data from each unit on which to base the ESP.

  • Does equipment size matter? At what point does the Enercoat® Treatment Service become attractive?

    ROI of treatment of a single unit typically becomes attractive at 20 tons, depending on the condition of the equipment. Units that are 100 tons and up usually see their investment paid in full in less than one year. The benefits of treating your new(er) equipment are in the long term asset performance protection from Enercoat®. Since performance has not yet deteriorated, this preventive measure rewards you with larger avoided losses.  

  • How does the age of HVAC equipment affect the cost of the treatment?

    Older units, having suffered greater damage from corrosion, present a shorter payback period. It is important to point out that the restored efficiency is sustained. On new(er) equipment where the direct energy efficiency improvement payback is not as fast, preventing corrosion damage from occurring with Enercoat® avoids the losses in the first place.

  • How much will the treatment increase the lifespan of my air conditioning unit?

    Most systems fail as a result of condenser coil inefficiency which strains and spoils the entire refrigeration system. The Enercoat® Treatment Service essentially eliminates the root-cause of equipment failure: condenser corrosion. The treatment remains the most significant maintenance step for improving all aspects of HVAC performance. The cost of the Enercoat® Treatment Service applied to units is typically one-tenth the cost of new equipment. The sooner the treatment, the longer lasting the equipment.

    The Enercoat® Treatment Service is backed by a ten-year warranty.

  • Does Enercoat® reduce operational costs? Which ones?

    In addition to reducing energy costs, customers will notice less frequent compressor failure and refrigerant leaks. Maintenance costs are reduced as coated coils prevent gradual degradation resulting from regular cleanings with water.

    The fins of a condenser coil cleaned with common chemicals become brittle. Brittle fins conduct heat as much as 50% less effectively after 10 years. Fins this corroded bend under the force of normal water pressure used in typical cleaning procedures, reducing air flow to the point where the coil often needs to be replaced. Coated fins, on the other hand, regain their original strength and are protected from further damage due to cleaning.

  • Can you prove that it works at no cost to me?

    Understandably we get that question a lot. After performing a site survey, we analyze the data though our Energy Savings Projection Model. The promised improvements form the basis for contract and payback deliverables. Acting in good faith, only if projected improvements are met or exceeded at project close do we expect you to make good on payment. The Energy Performance Dashboard provides you with the knowledge and confidence that you finally have your cooling energy costs under control.

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Site Logistics

What is involved in the Enercoat® Treatment Service?

  • Initial site survey to determine the number and condition of units
  • Execution of® Energy Savings Projection Model to determine potential energy efficiency gains
  • Installation of remote monitoring equipment
  • Collection and analysis of baseline data
  • Fin straightening
  • Deep cleaning of coils
  • Surface preparation
  • Coating
  • Post-treatment monitoring
  • Final efficiency analysis

How long does the Enercoat® Treatment Service take?

Depending on the number of AC Units and the different units’ size, coil condition and access, the process can take as little as a single day for units up to 10 tons to five days for units between 200-500 tons.

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Measurement & Verification

How does measurement & verification typically work?

Before we begin testing, our engineers meet with our clients to determine the metrics by which we will document the improved performance of the air conditioning units after treatment. These metrics generally consist of temperatures, humidity levels, electrical power and flow rates.

Before we treat the air conditioning unit, we install sensors to monitor its performance and establish a baseline of the unit’s energy efficiency ratio with ample pre-treatment data across varied outside weather conditions. This baseline is then used to compare to the unit’s performance after we have repaired the coils and applied Enercoat®. After treatment, we continue to monitor the electrical consumption of the individual components of the AC unit, the compressors and the fans, as well as the unit’s cooling output. This data is uploaded automatically to the Cloud via a 3G hotspot for seamless remote access to real-time data.

Once the treatment process is completed, the new performance of the unit is compared to the old performance to determine the unit’s improved efficiency using the statistical methodology outlined in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®).

Real-time data is housed on secure servers, accessible through the web, and completely transparent to our customers.

  • Will Enercoat® deliver the same results on well-maintained equipment?

    Improvements in new(er) units are less pronounced than in aging equipment. Even the best maintenance practice cannot prevent performance loss from corrosion however. Field studies show that as soon as corrosion begins, thermal conductivity is compromised. Even well-maintained, bare (uncoated) coils commonly degrade at 3% to 5% each year. Corroded aluminum fins conduct less heat than uncompromised fins. Our team removes fin surface corrosion before applying Enercoat®. And while traditional coatings address corrosion, the insulating effect in a non-conductive coating customarily reduces the efficiency of the a/c units, thereby increasing immediate energy costs.

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We value a collaborative relationship with our customers, empowering them to become educated consumers. Here is some insight from our clients who have achieved a significant savings in their energy consumption and costs.

Our company has been providing software enabled M&V solutions for energy efficiency technology companies for many years now, and I've seen an enormous amount of "before" and "after" data from energy efficiency projects. As®'s M&V partner, I can say that® treatments consistently produce strong improvements in efficiency and savings for their clients' facilities.
Connell McGill Co-Founder/CEO, Enertiv® treated two of the oldest and worst performing units we had - and the results were remarkable. They allowed us to defer having to replace the units for three and a half years.® proved to be a no fuss, low cost solution to our very serious problem.
Brendan Farrell Resident Manager, Tribeca Tower (Related Companies)
With we saved ourselves about $120,000 in capital expense by treating instead of replacing the coils and saw reduction in energy consumption of 16.7%.
Luke McGovern Property Manager (Weissman Properties)

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