Enercoat® – Summary

Enercoat® is a performance coating designed to prevent corrosion and increase thermal conductivity, resulting in the most energy efficient condenser coils on the market.

After we treat the condenser coils in an air conditioning unit to remove all effects of corrosion, we apply Enercoat® to protect them from the elements in the future. This leads to the following results:

  • Reduction of energy cost by 14%
  • Increase in energy efficiency by 50%
  • Reduction peak kW consumption by 8%
  • Increase in cooling capacity by 55%
  • Improvement of indoor air quality with an increase in moisture removal

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55% increased cooling capacity

Why It’s Important

Air-cooled heat exchangers lie at the heart of the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. Weather, environmental conditions, dirt and debris are constantly damaging outdoor cooling equipment. Enercoat® protects the surface of heat exchanger coils to prevent this damage from occurring.

Untreated coils begin to corrode from the first day they are exposed to the elements. There is an estimated 3 – 5% loss in efficiency per year due to corrosion.

“This means that in just 10 years exposure to the elements can impair thermal performance in a coil by 30% to 50%. With the average age of air-cooled units in the U.S. is 21.5 years. This means that 2/3 of cooling capacity has been lost on average by that time.”

Traditional coatings aim to create a smooth fin surface that accumulates less debris over time and protect against fin corrosion. However, traditional fin coatings noticeably impair thermal conductivity – how well heat is transmitted. These coatings possess low levels of conductivity, transfer less heat, and negatively impact energy efficiency. They are also susceptible to tears and cracking, which leaves gaps at the point of the fin-to-tube bond or unfinished edges where fins are cut during the manufacturing process.

Enercoat® addresses all of these issues by:

  • Inhibiting causes of fouling and the adhesion of dust and grime to coils
  • Decreasing power consumption
  • Increasing cooling capacity
  • Optimizing compressor operation; reduces stop/start cycles; extends compressor life.
  • Extending overall equipment life, deferring capital investment in new a/c units
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The Science

A highly conductive graphene-enhanced polymer coating produces effective linear heat transfer along and through the coated surface, increasing thermal conductivity by a factor of 20 compared to traditional coatings.

We leveraged graphene nanomaterial technology to create a one-of-a-kind coating that delivers real performance change. Multiwall nanotubes of carbon (CNT) and graphene have a very high thermal conductance. Their twin properties of high thermal conductivity along the axial direction and poor thermal conductivity in the radial direction provide an excellent heat conduction channel that can confine heat currents on the nano scale. Incorporating these at high doses into a polymer produces a stable corrosion protective conductive layer. Application to the metal surfaces of tubes and fins in a heat exchanger ensures the retention of a condenser’s heat exchange capacity.

    • Nano layers of conductive graphene platelets enhance the coating
    • Extremely conductive both electrically and thermally

Hear from our clients

We value a collaborative relationship with our customers, empowering them to become educated consumers. Here is some insight from our clients who have achieved a significant savings in their energy consumption and costs.

Our company has been providing software enabled M&V solutions for energy efficiency technology companies for many years now, and I've seen an enormous amount of "before" and "after" data from energy efficiency projects. As Ener.co®'s M&V partner, I can say that Ener.co® treatments consistently produce strong improvements in efficiency and savings for their clients' facilities.
Connell McGill Co-Founder/CEO, Enertiv
Ener.co® treated two of the oldest and worst performing units we had - and the results were remarkable. They allowed us to defer having to replace the units for three and a half years. Ener.co® proved to be a no fuss, low cost solution to our very serious problem.
Brendan Farrell Resident Manager, Tribeca Tower (Related Companies)
With Ener.co® we saved ourselves about $120,000 in capital expense by treating instead of replacing the coils.
Luke McGovern Property Manager (Weissman Properties)

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