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Welcome to Ener.co®

Ener.co® is a data-driven, clean tech service company that focuses on A/C efficiency. Founded in 2009, Ener.co® concentrates on an often ignored problem that develops in cooling systems as they are exposed to the elements: the corrosion and fouling of air-cooled condensers.



Our flagship product is a graphene powered performance coating that lasts for a decade, providing ongoing energy efficiency and extending the lifespan of existing cooling systems.


The Treatment

The Enercoat® Treatment Service restores air-cooled condensers to their optimal performance. We apply the graphene powered polymer Enercoat® to the coils to uphold their thermal performance and prevent future corrosion, leading to greater and lasting energy efficiency.


The Impact

Ener.co® measures and verifies the results using calibrated remote sensors. We provide these results to our clients in real-time via our cloud-based dashboard.


Hear from our clients

We value a collaborative relationship with our customers, empowering them to become educated consumers. Here is some insight from our clients who have achieved a significant savings in their energy consumption and costs.

Our company has been providing software enabled M&V solutions for energy efficiency technology companies for many years now, and I've seen an enormous amount of "before" and "after" data from energy efficiency projects. As Ener.co®'s M&V partner, I can say that Ener.co® treatments consistently produce strong improvements in efficiency and savings for their clients' facilities.
Connell McGill Co-Founder/CEO, Enertiv
Ener.co® treated two of the oldest and worst performing units we had - and the results were remarkable. They allowed us to defer having to replace the units for three and a half years. Ener.co® proved to be a no fuss, low cost solution to our very serious problem.
Brendan Farrell Resident Manager, Tribeca Tower (Related Companies)
With Ener.co we saved ourselves about $120,000 in capital expense by treating instead of replacing the coils and saw reduction in energy consumption of 16.7%.
Luke McGovern Property Manager (Weissman Properties)

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